We live on one of the most beautiful islands in the world, but that unfortunately has a disadvantage as well:

The summer season lasts about half a year. That means for us and our four-legged friends:

The winter is long and few people come to ride. We rely on your help to get us through the winter. Not just for the horses and ponies that have worked hard through the summer, but also for the four-legged pensioners and those who are ready to retire.

We believe that our horses have the right to enjoy their retirement when they can no longer work.

Our sponsors can choose a “godchild” and receive regular updates and pictures by email.

The amount given by a sponsor is entirely up to him/her and we show our gratitude in kind.

For example:

A sponsorship of 10 € per month -> 10% discount on riding

A sponsorship of 20 € per month -> 20% discount on riding

A sponsorship of 30 € per month -> 30% discount on riding, etc.

And if the sponsor cannot or doesn’t want to ride, then he/she is doing a good deed and is welcome to visit his/her animal whenever he/she likes.